Friday, 27 May 2016

Guidelines for laser hair removal

Removal of unwanted hair is a common procedure in most major cities. Women want to look their best. Men have started to follow suit. Celebrities on the internet and social media are endorsing that looking good is feeling good. Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook have dedicated hashtags extolling the virtues of cosmetic procedures. High on the list is laser hair removal.  An ordinary search for "best laser hair removal NYC" will return upwards of a million hits in less than a second. Selecting the best or competent establishments requires careful study and research.

bikini laser hair removal

Particular research is required if you are planning to remove hair from bikini areas. The reason is depending on the hue of the skin lasers react differently. Only a competent hair lasing dermatologist can advise the proper laser treatment.Bikini areas or pubic areas are sensitive and the wrong lasers can leave burns that can prove uncomfortable. Hair in bikini areas can be of different textures and thickness. Multiple sessions are required in removing hair from bikini areas. Though many salons advertise as bikini laser hair removal specialists or get a Brazilian laser hair removal it will be prudent on your research to find out if they have a consultant hair lasing dermatologist on their staff.

If you decide to go for hair removal by laser follow these general guidelines. Lasers focus on hair roots. So do not pluck or tweeze nor should you wax the area for at least six weeks before lasing. When the roots grow the lasers have a better opportunity in permanently reducing the incidence of growth (after multiple treatments). Exposure to sun before and after a laser treatment should be minimized as it is not conducive for effective treatment. During the treatment hairs will be trimmed and the laser adjusted according to the thickness and color of hair.