Thursday, 24 May 2018

How Reliable and Worth is Laser Hair Removal?

Waxing and shaving unwanted hair has always been a painful job for me. Going to the nearby salon after every 25 days and spending wholesome of money made me find a more permanent option than back and forth business. It was a years ago when I heard about laser hair removal in Midtown Manhattan but my skeptical nature stopped me as I was not sure how safe it was. Later, I discovered that laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that emits high concentrated light on the hair follicles to obtain an optimal result. Laser damages the melanin by heating the hair follicle with minimal to zero effect on the surrounding tissues. This developed my interest towards laser hair removal.

I eventually approached nearby dermatologists, who further cleared my apprehension about how effective is laser hair removal. She also explained about several factors influence the hair growth cycle from anagen, catagen to telogen. Anagen is growth phase, catagen is shriveling up phase and telogen is rest phase. By using traditional hair removal methods, one can only cut the hair follicle that is present above the skin and ingrown hair is not affected. The ingrown hair starts growing again and the process continues. With the help of laser hair removal, a permanent hair reduction technology, one can easily get rid of irritating ingrown hair and red bumps. To my surprise, I was fascinated after listening to my doctor and book an appointment for laser hair removal.

A total of 5 to 7 sessions was fixed for removing hair but it varies depending on the type of the skin and to be treated. Darker and courser hair gets removed in 4-6 sessions while the lighter and finer hair will need more time. I was surprised with the breathtaking effect of hair removal and outstanding results. In addition, the cost of the treatment is competitive enough and you can also avail discounts. If you too have a peach fuzz on your face and worried about ingrown hair, then it is advised to take laser hair removal in Midtown Manhattan.

Friday, 27 April 2018

What to Expect from the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Laser hair removal works wonders for people who wish to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently. If you feel conscious about excess body hair and it affects your confidence, don’t wait and go for a laser treatment now. In case you have tried other hair removal solutions such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, etc., you must have gone through pain, rashes or some other side-effects. However, laser hair removal in NYC is all about smooth, hairless skin.

Expectations from the Treatment

At the beginning of the actual process of laser hair removal in NYC, you will get the treatment area trimmed, only about a few millimeters above your skin surface. The laser machine will then be adjusted to the settings that are perfect for skin color and the thickness, color, and area of your hair that needs to be treated. After this, depending on the wavelength of the laser, you will be provided with an appropriate eye protection. Apart from this, a cold gel substance will be applied over your skin to protect its outer layer and also help the laser light to penetrate your skin during the treatment.

Post the preparations, the technician will begin the treatment and also keep a check on everything for several minutes to ensure you’re given treatment using the best settings. Duration of each procedure differs depending on the size of the area that is being treated. Once the treatment is over, you may be given some soothing creams or ice packs to ease any skin discomfort. The laser hair treatment is backed by renowned skin specialists for being the best hair removal solution; however, you can go through some laser hair removal testimonials to get more information from real people, who have undergone the treatment. Compared to the painful and costly waxing, shaving and other alternatives, laser treatment comes across as the best answer to unwanted hair problems.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Laser Hair Removal Treatment is better over other Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal is one of the effective methods to remove hair from the unwanted parts of the body.  Laser hair removal is an excellent and pleasing process that helps in making your skin look flawless and clear. Laser hair removal in NYC is a safe and medically proven method. If you are fed up with your dark and thick hair, then it’s time to consider laser hair removal that is beneficial for every type of skin and hair. Shaving, tweezing, plucking and waxing is primarily not possible every time. Laser hair removal therapy allows your skin to look smooth and clearer than earlier.

Laser hair removal can prove to be quite effective on dark-haired individuals. This advanced method is used for almost all parts of the body, including back, chest, face, neck, and shoulders. An intense beam of laser light is focused on the hair carrying part of the body. The laser beam destroys the hair follicle that inhibits hair growth in future. People with light skin and dark hair would have greater effects of the treatment as this method clears undesired hair very easily. However, only one sitting for the laser treatment does not sound to be effective. You need around 4-5 sessions depending on the quality of the hair for an extended hair-free period.

The very common question that people pose is how much does laser hair removal cost for the back? The cost of laser hair removal depends on the area treated. The cost factor varies from smaller to larger area. This technique has numerous benefits, some of them are:
•Target hair cells with precision
•Saves time
•Facilitates permanent loss of hair after three to seven sessions
•Much less painful than other methods
•Enhances the beauty of a person

Laser hair removal in NYC provides smooth skin and help in enhancing the beauty or visual appeal. In addition, this efficient hair removal procedure minimizes the chance of any sort of skin infection and the treatment is undertaken under the strict supervision of an expert dermatologist.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Get Smooth and Hair-Free Skin with Permanent Hair Removal Treatment

Are you fed up with waxing, plucking and shaving hair? Do you want to get rid of the unwanted hair on your body? If yes, then laser hair removal in NY is the best for you.

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by exposing it to pulses of laser light that eventually destroys the hair follicle without damaging surrounding area. This method is performed about twenty years before becoming commercially available. The beam is highly concentrated light and the pigments in hair follicle absorb the light and destroy the hair. This useful method helps in removing unwanted hair from face, leg, arm, underarm, bikini line, etc. the speed of each pulse of the laser takes almost fraction of seconds to treat much hair at the same time. 

This medical procedure takes a fraction of seconds to treat hair of particular area. You need not wait in the long queue of the salon for waxing or removing hair. With this effective procedure, there is no particular need to waste time and money. Facial hair removal laser treatment is considered as most safe methodologies till date. This medical procedure carries potential risk but before getting laser hair treatment done, you should check credentials of doctor and perform the procedure. 

After carrying this medical procedure, you should avoid sun exposure for almost six weeks both before and after the treatment. Exposure to the sun can cause complications to your skin. Thus, it is advised to seek the approval of dermatologist before you plan an outing. In addition, facial hair can be the source of embarrassment. With advanced laser technology, facial hair removal becomes hassle-free. Hair free face is welcomed every day.

Do not let unwanted body hair ruin your special day. Waxing, threading, bleaches or depilatory creams, do not one gives you a permanent solution for unwanted hair. Thus, by opting laser hair removal in NYC, a more permanent hair removal solution gives you hair-free and smooth skin. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

You may not have got it done yet, but you would have surely thought about it. Does laser hair removal treatment really work ? We can see advertisements of laser hair removal services in newspapers, magazines as well as in our nearby medical spa. For most women, it would undoubtedly be very nice to not think of going through hassles of shaving and waxing every other day. These temporary fixes require time consuming ongoing maintenance and also brings along much discomfort. So imagine how relaxing it would be to not use a razor or wax stripes again to get rid of unwanted body hair.

 Are Laser Treatments for Everyone?

The laser hair removal treatment is performed by delivering a light over the skin and focusing on the dark hair pigments. Ideally, individuals with light skin tones and dark hair color are most suited for the treatment; as it is easier to detect a dark hair pigment on a lighter skin tone. However, with latest technological advancements, laser hair removal treatment has become easier for people with darker skin tone too. Previously existing concerns of tissue damage for dark-skinned people have significantly reduced today and people with all skin tones can take advantages of the laser hair removal procedure.

Is the hair removal process safe?

It could be facial hair removal laser treatment service or a body hair removal treatment, process doesn’t have any permanent side effects. But, do make sure to get it done from a licensed medical doctor to avoid any damages. Putting a laser on to the skin using a hand held device is absolutely normal on every individual. However, due to the intense light directed on the skin during the treatment, some patients report little stinging sensations that have also been worked upon using latest technologies.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bikini Line Hair Removal – Your Options

With several hair removal solutions; temporary and permanent available out there, laser hair removal is becoming the most preferred among men and women. While shaving and waxing can be very painful and stressful, laser treatment has brought a revolutionary change in how women think of getting bikini laser hair removal treatment.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Laser Hair Reduction Treatment: A Highly Efficient Method for Permanent Hair Removal

Excessive facial hair can be frightening for women and a source of embarrassment. Facial hair can be quite irritating and removing them with the help of traditional methods like Waxing tweezing, shaving, and plucking gives only temporary results.