Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Ultimate Permanent Hair Removal Method - Laser Hair Removal

Women are quite obsessed with having hairless bodies because of the social stigma associated with not toeing the social rules and looking unkempt and outdated.  Shaving has to be done daily to prevent stubbles from appearing on the legs and arms.  It also could result in red bumps and ingrown hair for some people.  Waxing is quite time consuming besides being painful.  It can be done at home but can end up being quite messy.  Women have been constantly searching for methods to remove hair permanently to free them from this drudgery.  Laser hair removal has come as a boon to them because it has proven all doubters wrong about how effective is laser hair removal

how effective is laser hair removal

Laser hair removal at salons or at cosmetic dermatologists’ offices can be quite draining on the pocket, which is why DIY laser machines made its appearance in the markets.  Dermatologists however caution users because if not used correctly it could have disastrous consequences like blistering and burning.  To the oft asked question, does laser hair removal really work, the answer is a resounding yes.  The initial visit may not seem very promising but as the sessions progress, there is a visible lightening of hair and ultimately a point where there is no hair growth at all.


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