Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Bikini Line Hair Removal – Your Options

With several hair removal solutions; temporary and permanent available out there, laser hair removal is becoming the most preferred among men and women. While shaving and waxing can be very painful and stressful, laser treatment has brought a revolutionary change in how women think of getting bikini laser hair removal treatment.
The bikini line hair removal through laser is actually not permanent, but it is effective enough to remove about 90% of the pubic hair. This treatment is considered the best solution to hair removal as it’s done without causing pain and lasts for several years in most cases.

The process of laser treatment for bikini line is similar to how it is done on the face, legs or the back. However, since the area is more sensitive, practitioners do take extra care to ensure precision at each stage. Sometimes, laser may give some pain, but that is only minimal and brief just like a rubber band snap. While it’s a safe process and doesn’t have any side effects, there can be a temporary redness and bruising in the area for a short duration after the treatment. On an average, it’s a treatment where you have to undergo 3-4 sessions for best results.

Exploring other options

Considering other options apart from the laser treatment, you can also get Brazilian bikini waxing done, which is however very painful but not a permanent hair removal solution. Electrolysis is another option available that you can explore, but it is a time consuming treatment that is also not advised for the tender region. Taking note of all positive and negative factors, getting bikini hair removal treatment from an authorized clinical professional seems to be the solution you would love eventually.


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