Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

You may not have got it done yet, but you would have surely thought about it. Does laser hair removal treatment really work ? We can see advertisements of laser hair removal services in newspapers, magazines as well as in our nearby medical spa. For most women, it would undoubtedly be very nice to not think of going through hassles of shaving and waxing every other day. These temporary fixes require time consuming ongoing maintenance and also brings along much discomfort. So imagine how relaxing it would be to not use a razor or wax stripes again to get rid of unwanted body hair.

 Are Laser Treatments for Everyone?

The laser hair removal treatment is performed by delivering a light over the skin and focusing on the dark hair pigments. Ideally, individuals with light skin tones and dark hair color are most suited for the treatment; as it is easier to detect a dark hair pigment on a lighter skin tone. However, with latest technological advancements, laser hair removal treatment has become easier for people with darker skin tone too. Previously existing concerns of tissue damage for dark-skinned people have significantly reduced today and people with all skin tones can take advantages of the laser hair removal procedure.

Is the hair removal process safe?

It could be facial hair removal laser treatment service or a body hair removal treatment, process doesn’t have any permanent side effects. But, do make sure to get it done from a licensed medical doctor to avoid any damages. Putting a laser on to the skin using a hand held device is absolutely normal on every individual. However, due to the intense light directed on the skin during the treatment, some patients report little stinging sensations that have also been worked upon using latest technologies.

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